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On a typical day, domestic violence hotlines nationwide receive approximately 20,800 calls. Source

2017 Lighting Arizona Purple

October is Domestic VIolence Awareness Month. On October 2nd we will light the State Capitol purple as a symbol of Arizona's dedication to end domestic violence.

“This is an issue that affects all ages, races, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. I encourage Arizonans to stand with me as we send the unwavering message that domestic violence can stop.”

- Governor Doug Ducey

Please join us for this annual event to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence; It can stop.  

Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Task Force

The task force, established in January 2016 when Governor Ducey issued Executive Order 2016-02, was charged with several responsibilities, including determining how many untested kits exist within the state and making recommendations to the governor about clearing the backlog of untested kits and creating policies to ensure that all kits will be appropriately tested and tracked moving forward.

Consistent with task force recommendations, the governor is calling on all local jurisdictions to adopt a test-all policy as recommended by the task force.

Additionally, the governor has directed the Arizona Department of Public Safety to gather options available to contract with a vendor for a statewide tracking system for sexual assault kits.

Governor Ducey’s FY 2016 state budget included half of a million dollars in funding to test the existing untested kits. This investment has been coupled with national grant funds awarded to local jurisdictions, including Phoenix and Maricopa County. The governor is committed to finding the resources to test each and every one of these kits.

PDF icon Sexual Assualt Evidence Collection Kit Task Force Report.pdf

Lighting Arizona Purple

Governor Ducey, Nicole Bidwell & Amberley's Place Speak Out Against Domestic Violence

Chorus Nylander speaks with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, AZ Cardinals VP Nicole Bidwell and Amberly's Place about their efforts against Domestic Violence.

12 News: 'Lighting Arizona Purple' kicks off domestic violence awareness across state

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State Capitol Lit Purple In Honor Of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Commission To Prevent Violence Against Women

The Governor's Commission to Prevent Violence Against Women is tasked with developing legislative and policy recommendations with regard to preventing violence against women, as well as expanding on successful prevention initiatives and coordinating and expanding services for victims of domestic and sexual violence. The Commission seeks to unite and enhance statewide efforts to prevent and end domestic and sexual violence. Members of the Commission represent a wide variety of disciplines, regions and cultural perspectives. Commissioners advise the Commission Chair and staff on critical issues across the state and apply their particular expertise to the issues at hand.

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Outreach Training and Education
Training Group Classroom iPad

The Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family offers ongoing trainings and technical assistance for current Sub-grantees, Coalitions, Non-Profits, Government Entities, Tribal Nations, Education Districts, Colleges and Universities and the public in general. Contact us now to receive info on our efforts and to schedule a time for Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family to train your community.

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